Red Meat VS. Chicken On Keto | Which One To Eat More Of

You’re planning for your next week of meals on the Keto diet, and you’re wondering which type of meat is best to include more in your diet. I’ve done the research and tried them all on Keto, and can advise you well on what is best for you.

So, when we think about red meat and white meat when doing the Keto diet, is there really one better than the other? And if so, which one is that?

Red meat has more fat, whereas white meat has more protein. On Keto, since most of our calorie intake must come from fat, it’s better to consume more red meat than white. However, there are some cases when you’re advised to eat more white meats instead, and that’s usually when you’re a bodybuilder, among other scenarios.

We’ll dive in this article into what to consider when choosing the best alternative for you, whether or not one of them should not be eaten on Keto and how much is too much.

Let’s begin by addressing a question I get asked a lot. It’s important we can clear this idea up before going into the meat of the article. *See what I did there?*

Is Chicken Allowed on Keto?

You can eat many chicken variabilities on Keto. Chicken itself is high in protein and low in fat, which goes at odds with the diet. However, adjusting the recipes accordingly can make chicken work greatly on Keto.

One example of that would to opt for some chicken thighs and prepare them with olive oil or butter and vegetables. Just like that, you can have a great Keto-friendly meal.

Going back to the red meat vs. white meat fight, it makes sense that there is no right answer that is suitable for everyone. Even if we’re all on the same diet (keto), there are different scenarios for people with different bodies and different goals in mind. That’s why, I will chop this article (I did it again!) into different sections, each one apply to a group of Keto dieters. These are: people with sedentary lifestyles, people with active lifestyles and bodybuilders.

Now you should know what bucket you are in, and you can read on!

Note: To avoid repeating myself many times, there is some information that is similar in more than one section that I didn’t repeat in the following sections. So it’s better to read them all to have a better understanding of what you should be doing and why.

People With A Sedentary Lifestyle:

Red Meat:

This is what you should be eating more of. Since you don’t exercise and your needs of protein are relatively low, it makes sense for you to be eating more red meat that has a high percentage of fat, and moderate percentage of protein and almost no carbs. Frankly, this is what Keto exactly looks like! Opt for grass-fed beef, cook it with your favorite healthy fats (whether it’s olive oil, avocado oil, butter.. etc.) and you’re good to go!


It’s not recommended to eat a lot of chicken, which generally is a leaner type of meat. Neither do you need that much protein nor does Keto require you to eat it. If you like chicken, there are ways you can make it more Keto-friendly. You can add butter, olive oil avocado oil, or any other fat source you use in your daily Keto life, add some healthy vegetables (maybe grate some cheese on it and throw it into the oven, if you’re a Gratin fan like me) and there you have it. A delicious, Keto-friendly meal made out of chicken.

People With An Active Lifestyle:

Red Meat:

This is the better option for you as well. As a Keto dieter, red meat is an amazing food option that summarizes what percentages of macros you should be eating.


Since you have an active life, you should be eating a little more protein. So chicken is better for you than for someone with a sedentary lifestyle. You can take chicken and make it more Keto-friendly as explained in the previous case.


Red Meat:

Here, red meat should also be on your menu. When bought and prepared right, it’s a healthy source of fat and protein. However, here is the first case that I advise you to eat both red and white meat in almost the same ratio.


No matter if you’re in the stage of building more muscle, or cutting down to burn fat, you need more protein than a regular person. That’s why, you need foods that have a bigger amount of protein. Not only can you get away with more protein, you need it. Your body will be using the incoming protein, so you’re much less likely to get kicked out of ketosis because you’re eating more protein.

However, you also need a bigger caloric intake. And you’re also doing the Keto diet. That means you still need a big portion of your calories coming from fat.

That’s why we can, here, mix red meat and white meat in your routine to get you to your macros, keep you in ketosis and preserve your muscle mass (or grow it further).

Can I eat too much chicken on Keto?

Eating more chicken on Keto can result in eating more protein than you need. This can trigger a process called Gluconeogenesis, through which your body can create glucose out of the excess amino acids in your body, which in turn can kick you out of ketosis.

Can I eat too much red meat on Keto?

Eating too much red meat results in eating more protein than you need, which can kick you out of ketosis due to Gluconeogenesis. Moreover, eating that much red meat will make you meet your calories and macros way too soon, before you’re able to eat enough of the micronutrients your body needs daily.


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