About Me

My name is Nabeel Kallas and I’m a medical doctor and a Keto/Intermittent Fasting enthusiast.

My story started in early 2014 when I first read about Keto for the first time. Although being a tall guy helped hide it a bit, I was overweight during multiple phases of my life. I used to start different diets, see the result I wanted, get excited about it and go back to my old lifestyle, which contained more sugar than you can imagine, and then I would be right back where I had been before, if not worse.

When I first heard about the concept of Keto and IF, I was like “What?! Almost zero carbs and 16 hours of no eating? This is not the diet for me.”

But soon enough, I decided to take it on. That’s when I realized that I also like eggs.. and bacon.. and butter.. and almonds.. and pecans.. and red meat.. and peanut butter.. and cheese. And so many other Keto-friendly foods that I have been enjoying ever since.

Keto was the first diet I tried that I actually thought about continuing to be on it after reaching my weight goal. And it has been awesome. The clarity I get when I’m on Keto, the mindfulness, the short, restful night sleeps. and many other things that I never thought can be made possible unless with the help of drugs.

But the answer was not drugs. It was the right nutrition.

I think medical school played a big role in making me understand the unimaginable impact nutrition has on our lives and wellbeing. I’m also a research geek, which helped me learn a lot more fun, useful, and practical nuggets of information that I could put to good use in my diet, unlike the boring things that are usually taught at med schools.

I recently found myself always talking about Keto with everyone: friends, colleagues, and neighbors, discussing the impact it had on those of them who have tried it and also trying to convince the other party of them to give it a try. I would then follow up with them, give them feedback and tips that have worked for me.

I have also found myself participating in many keto groups on Facebook, Reddit, Quora, and other forums, offering help and feedback and also learning a lot from people in these communities.

I knew I had to put these hundreds and hundreds of hours to good use. That’s when I decided to start MasterMinding Perfection, where I can help you get closer to achieving your health goals and living your dream life.

Getting you even one small step toward that would be an honor for me.

I truly thank you for being here.

And I hope to see you again really soon.


Nabeel Kallas is the author of When the Jasmine Returns, a novel inspired by his life and experiences amid the war in Syria.